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Commercial electrical management

We’re on call at all times.

Commercial Property Maintenance

Streamline maintenance requests.

Priority service repairs

Sometimes things go wrong. Reacting smartly and with great efficiency, we respond to any situation with the utmost skill and attentiveness.

Routine safety and maintenance

Electrical systems need to be operational at all times. We deliver rigourous maintenance programs for all electrical systems, and carry out investigations to ensure the most cost efficient result is achieved.

Efficiency in the Digital World f

Building and Project Solutions

Minor works and building upgrades

All buildings behave differently. Our team has expertise in the design and installation of building systems such as lighting control, emergency lighting, communications networks, essential power, distribution systems along with emergency and public address (PA) communications systems.

Essential services

There are building systems that are simply non-negotiable when it comes to continuity of operation. We offer expertise, advice and knowledge to ensure the maintenance of your generator/s, emergency lighting systems or UPS are carried out in a controlled manner with appropriate risk assessments and controls in place.


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