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Smart Buildings & Energy Management

Emerging tech changing the game.

Improving Efficiency and Sustainability

Energy management

Intelligent lighting and building management systems reduce building energy consumption by 20-40%. Incorporating devices, sensors, systems and interfaces via the Internet of Things (IoT), building systems collect and process data and respond in real time.


Where there’s connectivity, there’s energy efficiency. Smart lighting systems can make the most of natural daylight, using sensors to provide luminosity based on ambient light, as well as other aspects such as occupancy density and usage.

Improving Efficiency and Sustainability

Renewable energy for your business

Commercial Solar Maintenance

There are many ways to improve solar system efficiency, from panel repair to storage options and adjusting operations based on smart metering data. One of the most common impediments to solar efficiency is panel cleanliness or damage.

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A Smart

Centralised control and maintenance

Buildings, hospitals, sporting and community facilities require various systems to operate and maintain compliance. Installation of essential systems that control lighting or climate to computer monitored systems ensures buildings are more efficient, informed and prepared, providing safer, happier and more efficient facilities.

Smart tech and the IoT

Property managers are constantly seeking new ways to make buildings more efficient, sustainable, safer and comfortable. The Internet of Things revolutionises traditional building automation and management systems, leveraging connectivity, sensors and the cloud to remotely monitor and control air conditioning, lighting, security systems and more.

A Smart Investment

Project Highlights

We employed the latest smart technology to produce a rewarding and successful project.

Recent Insights

Smart buildings are changing the way we work, how we interact and how our cities operate. Smart electrical companies and technology aren’t only making our buildings more efficient, but more human, creating environments that respond to mood, productivity and time.

How can you future-proof your building?

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